Liang, Lichen

Sustained intake of animal-sourced foods is associated with less stunting in young children

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The value of animal-sourced foods (ASFs) in providing key nutrients, particularly for child growth and where diets are of low quality, is understood mainly from cross-sectional assessment of current consumption. Longitudinal panel data from Nepal, Bangladesh and Uganda were used here to assess associations among previous (lagged) and contemporaneous ASF intake with linear growth of children aged 6–24 months.

Using mobile phone data helps estimate community-level food insecurity: Findings from a multi-year panel study in Nepal

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Household food insecurity remains a major policy challenge in low-income countries. Identifying accurate measures that are relatively easy to collect has long been an important priority for governments seeking to better understand and fund solutions for communities in remote settings. Conventional approaches based on surveys can be time-consuming and costly, while data derived from satellite imagery represent proxies focused on biological processes (such as rainfall and crop growth) lack granularity in terms of human behaviors.