Rogers, Beatrice

Relatively Low Maternal Aflatoxin Exposure Is Associated with Small-for-Gestational-Age but Not with Other Birth Outcomes in a Prospective Birth Cohort Study of Nepalese Infants

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This study used maternal and newborn data from the AflaCohort Study, an ongoing birth cohort study in Banke, Nepal (= 1621). Data on aflatoxin B1(AFB1)-lysine adducts in maternal serum were collected once during pregnancy (at mean ± SD: 136 ± 43 d of gestation). Maternal serum AFB1-lysine adduct concentration was measured via HPLC.

Women's education level amplifies the effects of a livelihoods-based intervention on household wealth, child diet, and child growth in rural Nepal.

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Many organizations seek to alleviate poverty in the developing world, often focusing their interventions on women. The role, status, and education of women are fundamentally important facets of development. Thus, understanding the interaction of women’s educational level and the response to interventions is important. Therefore, we examined the impact of educational level of household adults on responses to a livestock-based community intervention.

Design and Baseline Characteristics of a Study Comparing Four Supplementary Foods in the Prevention of Stunting and Wasting Among Children 6-23 Months in Burkina Faso

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The Food Aid Quality Review (FAQR), a study implemented by Tufts University, recommended improvements in the formulations and programming of existing Title II supplementary foods. To test these recommendations, we are examining the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of four different supplementary foods in the prevention of stunting and wasting in children age 6 to 23 months in Burkina Faso. The objective of this report is to describe the study methods and baseline characteristics of the sample, including baseline measures of stunting and wasting.