2017 Symposium

5th Annual Agriculture to Nutrition Scientific Symposium and 2nd Agriculture, Nutrition and Health (ANH) Academy week

The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition in partnership with the Agriculture, Nutrition & Health (ANH) Academy jointly hosted the 5th Annual Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Nutrition (Nutrition Innovation Lab) Agriculture-Nutrition Scientific Symposium, and the 2nd Agriculture, Nutrition and Health (ANH) Academy week from 9-13 July 2017 in Kathmandu, Nepal.

Day 1 Addresses, Panel, and Learning Labs
Welcome Address A warm welcome from John McDermott   Video
Panel Interdisciplinary journeys: Perspectives from Early Career Researchers   Video
Tufts University & Purdue University Introduction to Economics For Agri-Health Researchers PDF  
A4NH  Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture Index (WEAI) PDF  
LSHTM & ANH Academy  Sustainable Diets: Health, Social, Environmental, and Political Dimensions for Nepal PDF  
Tufts University & USAID DFS  Biological mechanisms linking agriculture to nutrition  PDF Video 1 & 2
LCIRAH  Qualitative methods in nutrition and food systems research PDF Video 1 & 2
GODAN  Open data for agriculture and nutrition  PDF  
LANSA/ IMMANA  Research uptake – what is it, why bother and are you good at it? PDF Video
FAO  Nutrition sensitive food systems: options for interventions PDF  
Tribhuvan University & Institute of Medicine  Analysis framework for social determinants and their influence on food intake by women PDF Video
ILRI, LSHTM, U. of Sydney, Land O’ Lakes  Animal Source Food: Updates and Evidence PDF  
Day 2 Panels & Learning Labs
Panel Getting Published 101: Panel Discussion   Video
IFPRI, & LANSA  Value chains for nutrition PDF  
 ANH Academy  Diet Dimensions policy game PDF Video
IANDA & IMMANA Indicators of Affordability of Nutritious Diets in Africa PDF  
WFP & ICRAF Data dive – mobile for nutrition PDF  
Tufts University Indicators of malnutrition and food insecurity   Video 1 & 2
Reflections on IMMANA Grants  Click on a name to view  their presentation:


Suneetha Kadiyala Christine Lamanna Eike Luedeling William Masters  Sukhwinder Singh

Breakout Sessions  Models/ Modelling for nutrition sensitive agriculture


Capturing Prices, Markets and Value Chains

Day 3 Oral Presentations
Opening Remarks: Andrew Thorne-Lyman Opening Remarks from the Feed the Future Nutrition Innovation Lab PDF Video
Welcome Address: Suneetha Kadiyala A Welcome and Update from the ANH Academy  PDF Video
Dr. Geeta Bhakta Joshi  Opening Remarks from Chief Guest Honourable Dr. Geeta Bhakta Joshi, Inaugural Session Chair   Video
Monica Villanueva Opening Remarks from Monica Villanueva from USAID Nepal   Video
Bikash Lamichhane NNMNSS 2016: Progress on micronutrient deficiencies in Nepal PDF Video
Keith West  Vitamin A interventions to reduce child mortality, blindness and hearing loss in Nepal PDF Video
Naveen Paudel Iodization of salt: Keeping iodine deficiency disorders in check for two decades   Video
Ramesh Adhikari National dietary intake patterns of children and women in Nepal: Multiple Year Findings   Video
Madhu Dexit Devkota Panel Comments on Integrated Approaches to Addressing Micronutrient Deficiencies   Video
Anna Herforth Indicators of Affordability of Nutritious Diets in Africa: Food prices that reflect nutritious food PDF Video
Johanna Wong Factors influencing consumption of animal source foods in Timor-Leste PDF Video
Jody Harris Nutrition transition in Zambia: Changing food supply, prices, household consumption, and nutrition outcomes PDF Video
Mini Poster Presentations 1  Poster Presenters give 1-minute briefs about their posters   Video
Vijaylaxmi Pandey Responsiveness of rural households to pulse price rise: A qualitative study PDF Video
Derek Headey The relative price of healthy and unhealthy foods in 176 countries: Implications for food and nutrition policies PDF Video
Brian Chisanga Women’s empowerment and nutritional status of children: A community-based study from Bhaktapur District, Nepal  PDF Video
Samira Choudhury What Drives Diversification of National Food Supplies? A Cross-Country Analysis PDF  Video
Rudra Badahur Shretha Efficiency of small scale vegetable farms: policy implications for rural poverty reduction and nutrition security in Nepal  PDF Video
Soledad Cuevas Improving health and sustainability outcomes in the edible oil sector in India: A qualitative policy analysis    
Bhavani Shankar Food Policy and Health Outcomes: A Mixed-Methods Investigation of Health-Sensitive Palm Oil Policy in Thailand  PDF Video
Samuel Awoniyi Food Self-Sustainability Drive and Malaria Spread in Rural Nigeria: A Need for Policy Coherence?  PDF Video
Keynote Speech: Namukolo Covic  Nutrition in Africa: enhancing existing programs   Video
Day 4 Oral Presentations
Swetha Manohar Seasonality of consumption of non-staple micronutrient-rich foods among young children in three geographically diverse Nepali communities  PDF Video
Gerald Shively Assessing the rainfall-agriculture and rainfall-health nutrition pathways in Uganda  PDF Video
Edward Joy Realistic and healthy dietary changes to address freshwater constraints in India: a modelling study  PDF Video
Upasona Ghosh Pathways of child food insecurity amidst climate change A Case Study of Indian Sundarbans  PDF Video
Nick Chisolm Seasonal variations in household food security and dietary diversity and associations with maternal and child nutritional status in rural Ethiopia  PDF Video
Rojee Suwal Household Food Production and Maternal and Child Dietary Diversity in Nepal: Variations in association by season and agro-ecological zone  PDF  
Prajula Mulmi Household food production is associated with dietary diversity for poorer households and older children: Results from a nationally- representative survey in Nepal  PDF Video
Andrew Thorne-Lyman Nutritional resilience following the 2015 earthquake in Nepal    
Ram Chandyo Engagement in agriculture protects against food insecurity and adverse child nutritional outcomes in a peri-urban population in Nepal  PDF Video
Johanna Andrews- Trevino Diet and seasonality as determinants of aflatoxin exposure in pregnant women and birth weights in Banke, Nepal; preliminary results from a birth cohort study    
Mini Poster Presentations 2 Poster Presenters give 1-minute briefs about their posters   Video
LANSA Panel Panelists discuss women in agriculture in South Asia and  the value and wage gaps between women’s work and men’s.   Video
Ramya Ambikapathi Agriculture to Nutrition-ATONU: Market availability modifies home production diversity’s effects on dietary diversity among women in Ethiopia    
Devendra Gauchan Exploring linkages of production diversity with household nutrition and management of crop biodiversity in the rural remote mountains of Nepal  PDF Video
Bill Pritchard Is household production of food for own consumption purposes a predictor of food security and dietary diversity? Household survey results from rural Myanmar  PDF Video
Abu Hayat Md. Saiful Islam Farm Diversification and Food and Nutrition Security in Bangladesh: Empirical Evidence from a Nationally Representative Household Panel Data  PDF Video
Keynote Speech: Tahmeed Ahmed  Nutrition in South Asian Countries, evidence from Bangladesh   Video
Day 5 Oral Presentations
Andrew Jones A methodological cluster-randomized controlled trial in Burkina Faso to assess bias in estimates of key agriculture-nutrition associations using household survey data  PDF Video
Ankita Mondal Can locally available foods fulfill the requirements of major essential nutrients of a typical household in Rohtas, Bihar? A Cost of Diet Assessment  PDF  
Giacomo Zanello Piloting the use of accelerometry devices to capture energy expenditure in agricultural and rural livelihoods: Protocols and findings from Ghana and India  PDF Video
Elaine Ferguson on behalf of Haris Gazdar The relationship between crop-related agricultural workload and maternal and infant nutritional status in rural Pakistan: the LANSA project  PDF Video
Erin Lentz Qualitative findings on the Women’s Empowerment in Nutrition Index  PDF Video
Poshan Dahal Effect of male out-migration on household food security: Evidence from a mixed methods study in Far West Nepal    
Helen Harris-Fry Food security does not lead to equity: a study on intra-household food allocation in rural Nepal  PDF Video
Berber Kramer Cooking Contests for Healthier Recipes: Impacts on Nutrition Knowledge and Behaviours in Bangladesh  PDF  
Purushottam Khatiwada Home Garden Approach for Enhancing Nutritional Security of Smallholder Farming Families in Nepal  PDF Video
Jayesh Joshi Participatory Learning and Action for Nutrition Sensitive Farming System among Tribal families  PDF Video
Laurie Miller Greater improvements in child growth and diet quality after a holistic community development intervention than after nutrition training alone  PDF Video
Sirawdink Fikreyesus Forsido Mainstreaming participation: Maternal and Child Nutrition Stakeholders in Southwest Ethiopia  PDF Video
Paul Christian The Contribution of AFSP Farmers Groups Toward Improved Agricultural Income and Nutrition: Midline results from the DIME Impact Evaluation of AFSP    
Akina Shrestha Health and nutritional status of schoolchildren one year after complementary school garden, nutrition and WASH interventions: a cluster randomized controlled trial in Nepal  PDF Video
Stella Wambugu Farmers’ health and agriculture in low income economies: investigating farm households and wider health interactions in rural Malawi  PDF Video
Sabine Gabrysch  Lessons from implementation and process monitoring of the Food and Agricultural Approaches to reducing Malnutrition (FAARM) trial in Bangladesh    
Keynote: Patrick Webb Global Panel Foresight Report   Video
Donor Address: Rachel Lambert     Video
Summary & Closing  Suneetha Kadiyala and Rachel Lambert close the symposium   Video