Why Food is Not Enough-BBNC

Published: January 2015 Author: Jeffrey Griffiths
Presentation given by Dr. Jeff Griffiths at the Boston to Bangalore Nutrition Collaboration event, January 2015

2014 Scientific Symposium Presentations

Published: December 2014 Author: Nutrition Innovation Lab
AGRICULTURE, FOOD SYSTEMS AND, NUTRITION: CONNECTING THE EVIDENCE FOR ACTION CO-Hosted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Community Medicine and Public Health– Institute of Medicine & the Nepal Agricultural Research Council.   Day 1 Oral Presentations Alan Dangour Time to move from Agriculture to Action in Agriculture and Health Akriti Singh Maternal Access to Information: Can Bhanchhin Aama Influence Child Diets? Chandra Thapa Bridging the Gap: Food Security Response Analysis and Planning Based on the Nepal Food Security Monitoring System (NEKSAP)...

LCIRAH Presentation: PoSHAN policy process

Published: June 2014 Author: Patrick Webb
This presentation was given by Dr. Webb at the LCIRAH conference in June of 2014 and discusses nutrition policy using PoSHAN data.

Working together to Improve Nutrition

Published: March 2014 Author: Patrick Webb
This presentation examines the effectiveness of programmes and how to get more “bang for the buck” in terms of supplying evidence.