Understanding Pathways of Better Nutrition: Poster Presentation

Published: June 2015 Author: Edgar Agaba
This poster is a result of Edgar Agaba’s ALE-(Applied Learning Experience) research work that was completed last year in Uganda’s 2 districts of Lira and Kisoro.  Collaborators included MPH- ALE, JSI/SPRING Project, and the Nutrition Innovation Lab.  The poster was presented at the LCIRAH Research Conference, June 03-04, 2015.  

Strengthening Policy Actions and Governance for Nutrition

Published: May 2015 Authors: Patrick Webb, Amanda Pomeroy
This is the joint Nutrition Lab/SPRING presentation to USAID on common research activities in Nepal and Uganda regarding policy and governance for nutrition.  It was presented May 5th, 2015 in Washington DC.

Dietary quality, undernutrition and disease: global patterns and trends over three decades

Published: February 2015 Authors: Rosemary Green, Jenny Sutherland, Alan Dangour, Bhavani Shankar, Patrick Webb
Recent studies have found evidence of an increasing polarization between healthy and unhealthy diets, with many high income countries having diets that are becoming more healthy, while in lower income countries diets are becoming more unhealthy. However, little is known about how the changing availability of different kinds of foods at a national level may be related to both undernutrition and NCDs.